Here are some examples of what your home inspection report from AP Inspections, LLC. will look like. Please note every report is unique to your home and may differ from the sample.

AP Inspections, LLC home inspections and reports are prepared and completed by Art Perez in accordance with the Washington State Standards of Practice. I am available and can be reached for assistance at (805) 217-1505 or by email at

One Story Older Home

This report is a comprehensive evaluation of the systems and equipment observed and operated during this inspection. As you read through the report you will find recommendations for repair, replacement or improvement, of structural components that will range from serious to minor. You may use this evaluation as a means of prioritizing repairs.

Two Story Modern Home

The client should be aware that a break-in period occurs during the first year or two after a building is constructed. Some amount of settlement and shrinkage is inevitable as temperature and humidity varies during the seasons. Systems may need adjustment or repair after experiencing constant, prolonged and/or heavy usage. Overall performance of the building exterior has not yet been tested by a wide variety of weather conditions.

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